Coffee roasting at Caffè Delizia began more than 40 years ago and draws on Pasquale Scamardella’s long experience in various Neapolitan coffee roasting houses.

The company is situated in the heart of Campi Flegrei along the road connecting the archaeological sites of Cuma and Baia.

At present, Pasquale works alongside his son Nicola and his daughter Maria, and together they roast the coffee beans with the care and attention required by such artisan products.

The roasting of coffee over wood (tostato a legna) is a Neapolitan tradition that has never died out thanks to coffee production houses such as ours.
The rediscovery and revaluation of traditional industries is on the rise in Western countries and corresponds to our need to return to genuine flavours.
Coffee roasted over wood means respecting this slower pace of life.

Compared to the fast processes typical of modern technology, this is a non-aggressive method and the coffee beans are roasted gently over oak, which gives off its natural fragrance, enriching both the taste and the aroma of the coffee.

The excellent quality of Caffè Delizia is also due to the careful selection and blending of various beans from around the world: Central America, South America and Africa.
Thanks to this process our three exquisite blends which differ in both their quality and flavour:

  • Family Blend
  • Special Blend
  • Delizia Blend Expresso Bar